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Let us communicate to help you professionalize your activity on LinkedIn

We will bring you knowledge, techniques, and secrets that we have tried for more than 5 years and that we apply daily on social networks from us and our clients!

These are some of the benefits of working with us:

Whether you are a professional and want to grow in your career, an entrepreneur or represent a company, you will have benefits that can become a differentiating factor to achieve success on LinkedIn!


Personalization of your LinkedIn account / page.

Settings / optimizations

Settings and optimizations that can rank you excellently on LinkedIn.

Direct collaboration

We will work directly, in real time, based on needs.

Private support group

Access the VIP support group where you can make inquiries, you will receive support and answers in real time.

Success strategy

You will have access to the experience and strategies that I have developed and used for more than 4 years. 

Lead generation

Set up the right communications to generate leads.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

  I am sure that you will be impressed by the valuable and practical information you will receive, which is why I offer you a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - if you are not satisfied with the value received in our collaboration, you can request a refund after the first collaboration day.

Choose the package that suits you best:

These are the packages that we have tested for over 4 years and that best suit our customers.

Setup and Optimization

€ 249

Single cost

Set and Optimize personal profile or page.

Set Goal on LinkedIn.
Settings of sections. 
Visibility and Privacy Settings.
Recommendations Settings.
Set the profile of suitable contacts.
Establish a strategy for expanding connections.
Configure scripts for contact / connection messages.


Expanding Connections

 € 499

Single cost for 3 months

Includes "Setup and Optimization" package

Set the profile of suitable contacts.
Establish a strategy for expanding connections.
Configure scripts for contact / connection messages.
Configure and track notifications. 
Set the Avatar of the ideal customer.
Posting plan.
Post generation.


€ 1.299

Single cost for 6 months

Includes packages "Setup and Optimization" and "Expanding Connections"

Set the Avatar of the ideal customer.
Posting plan.
Copywriting for 8 monthly posts.
Copywriting for a monthly article.
Analysis and setting of 8 Hashtags.
Setting the message sequence for lead generation. 
Mentoring and Coaching Sessions.



"... after today's session with Mihai, I realized that I don't know anything about this platform nor the benefits it can bring me or to the projects I develop."

Cristian Blândaș


"He is a dedicated person, a true professional, who helps clients to grow and advance in the knowledge of the LinkedIn network. I highly recommend him to all people or companies who want to have good results in LinkedIn."

Andreea Viorica Fulop

Marketing Specialist

"What really impacted me was the way I managed to change my perspective on how I work on LinkedIn and the vision of the sales and marketing process. He is a true professional that I recommend to everyone who wants to have a LinkedIn Professional account."

Nicolae Alexandru Stroescu

Design Engineer

Choose the package that suits you best:

Fruition Pack

€ 1.099

Planning Publications 1-2 / week
Publication of 1 article / month
Configuration of capture and sale message scripts
Establish initial communication with potential clients
Prequalification of potential clients
Lead generation (potential customers)
Generate Hashtags
Professionalize Pack
Expansion Pack

I approached Mihai out of a business need to teach our team more knowledge about using LinkedIn. I can say that we had a well-structured and professional training, after which we almost completely clarified the questions and doubts raised. The Feedback from the participants was positive, we finished the training knowing most of the secrets of LinkedIn and I am confident that thanks to Mihai we will use and get more out of this tool within the company. 

Ionut Fodoca

Deputy General Manager @Termene.ro

Expansion Pack

 € 499

Establish a strategy for expanding connections
Configure scripts for contact / connection messages
Configure and track notifications
Professionalize Pack
Set the Avatar of the ideal customer
Planning Publications 1-2 / week
Publication of 1 article / month

I confidently recommend Mihai! He managed to show me in a simple and concise way what the LinkedIn network means today. It helped me to realize how many business opportunities a professionally created profile can offer and how many means there are to expand the network of contacts, aspects that can only offer advantages, regardless of where we are professionally.

Madalina Ilie

Founder @Manna Foods  

Professionalize Pack

€ 249

Configure Profile Link
Configure Profile Background
Configure Profile Image
Headline Configuration
Set section "About"
Configure and optimize account or page fields
Recommendations Settings
Visibility and Privacy Settings
Set the profile of suitable contacts
Establish a strategy for expanding connections
Configure scripts for contact / connection messages

I recommend Mihai, a trainer I met on LinkedIn. He had trouble understanding and adapting the various sections of LinkedIn. Mihai explained to me the functionality of each section and how I can transform it in a beneficial way.  

Andrei Daniel Fulea

Software Engineering

Brands that have benefited from our experience:

 Some questions we have answered:

Why LinkedIn?

Used correctly, LinkedIn is an irreplaceable resource when it comes to business, sales, or job opportunities.

I want you to think: if in the next 30 days you find the people you want for your business, partners that you have been looking for a long time or if you can communicate with people who can give you access to the job of your dreams?

Can I configure what I see in my feed?

Posts can appear in your Feed because you are following or connected to the person or page that published them. Also, because a connection of yours posted, liked or shared someone else's post.

Every time you open the LinkedIn app, all recent posts from your connections, people, pages, hashtags you follow, and all groups you have joined are tracked, all to keep you up to date with your interests.

How can I use LinkedIn to convert leads to customers?

If you want to strengthen the relationship with your potential customers, all you have to do is be as active as possible, send messages and share posts with your potential customers; Pretty much anything you do can help you create an image as a specialist in that field and build trust.

Do I need to have a LinkedIn strategy?

A good strategy can help you have good visibility on LinkedIn.

Using all the functions, the right settings, you can generate visibility and a professional image, which will attract opportunities.

LinkedIn statistics say that 40% of those who have a profile on LinkedIn, review it daily.

What are hashtags for?

Hashtags can be used to keep you informed, to keep track of what is happening in your industry, to encourage conversations, interaction, and to help you develop your authority in a field. When used properly and consistently, Hashtags are an effective tool for targeting a specific audience and increasing your brand and awareness.

How to use LinkedIn for B2B sales?

I use a 5-step strategy to generate sales on LinkedIn: 

1. Find potential customers and connect with them

2. Attract and generate connections continuously

3. Create value and provide confidence

4. Create the relationship / trust account

5. Go to a phone conversation and schedule a meeting

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