For entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, sales specialists

Attract the best leads and potential clients by investing only 2-3 hours PER MONTH!

Benefits will you get from working with

You will position yourself as an expert in your niche, based on the LinkedIn posts, created specifically for your goal.
Using our personal message scripts, "cold contacts" will become "Hot Leads".
You will quickly earn their trust, develop a relationship with potential customers, and then you can convert them into buyers.

Coaching session and we will work for you and your project!

You will allocate 1-2 hours to initialize the settings and then we will work for you.

Weekly 30-minute follow-up sessions for analysis and optimization.

30-minute weekly training on LinkedIn topics of interest to you.

During this period, it becomes increasingly difficult if you do not make a major change!

We all know that the two factors that most influence purchasing decisions
Trust and Familiarity.

Have you noticed that people trust less and less?


Because more than ever there is a lot of noise on social media!

If you don't overcome these obstacles, you won't be successful, that's for sure!

But I also have good news for you! That's why we created this program to generate leads on LinkedIn!

We help Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Sales Specialists to get more potential clients, build trust and be perceived as experts in the field in which they operate.

Some figures about the LinkedForNetwork program!


LinkedIn users have benefited from our e-books!

+ 300

 Workshops held!


Clients with whom we have worked directly!

Now you have the opportunity to reach
the prospects you want!

You can increase your visibility and relevance so that it is very difficult for them to ignore you!

It works for almost ANY BUSINESS, from ANY industry that sells its products and services over the phone, online sessions, consulting calls, sales calls, etc.

If this is what you are looking for, we will be happy to support the development of your business.

All you have to do is approve the content we create, participate in online coaching sessions, and take care of potential clients.

We will show you the best strategy for you.

Results of our clients:

Rezultate in LinkedIn

Founder & CEO la 3D Measurement Solutions Marginean

"It really is impactful and helpful. Lately, any post is over 2000 views and I have a lot of appreciations (over 40 per post).

We have had many contacts and new clients in the last 3 months, generated through LinkedIn. I'm close to 4,000 contacts. "

Rezultate in LinkedIn
Rezultate in LInkedIn
Rezultate in LinkedIn

Some of the brands we have worked for:

The team you will work with:

Consultant, Trainer and LinkedIn Specialist

Mihai Mihalcea

Founder Linked For Network

Consultant and Content Creator for Social Media. 

Filip Alexandru Giorgiu 

Content Creator - Linked For Network

Consultant and LinkedIn Trainer

Ioana Barsan

Consultant Linked For Network

Consultant and Content Creator for Social Media. 

Andrei Pana

Content Creator - Linked For Network

Frequent questions

Will I have to implement it myself?

Everything described above and many other strategies and configurations we will do for you.

Can I also publish in parallel?

Yes, once we establish the relevant post types for your Personal Brand and post plan, you can also post relevant.

For what period are the services?

The above packages are monthly packages.

How much time do I have to dedicate?

We will have 2 sessions of about 30 minutes before starting, and then a session of 60 minutes, each week.

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